Completed Projects

Over the past two years Tourism Bell Island Inc. has completed the following projects as we continue to develop Bell Island into a world class tourism, agricultural and marine destination.

The Return of Gregory Normore

2015 marks the two hundred and seventy fifth of Bell Island being settled as a community. Gregory Normore settled Bell Island in 1740. We are currently planning the biggest celebration the island has known in its history with a Festival Called:"The Return of Gregory Normore".

Community Garden

The community garden on Town Square provides relaxation and maybe sneak a strawberry at the same time.

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Want to launch your boat. Then Dominion Pier is the place to launch. The boat launch is open and ready for use.

Harry's Lookout

You want to listen to some local entertainment or perhaps you want to belt out a few tunes yourself, then "Harry's Lookout" coming up the Beach Hill is the place for you.

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There are three smaller hiking walking trails that end in song and historical fun. Have a feed of toutons or some salted caplin with a cup of tea.

Gregory Normore Walking Trail

The "Gregory Normore Walking Trail" encompasses three quarters of the island and will certainly keep you busy if you like hiking and walking.

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The Life of a Miner

Dinner Theaters abound on the island and are offered on weekends: Dinner theatres start at 6:30pm with a hot turkey dinner complete with dessert and coffee. You may see a variety shop featuring nothing but shenanigans, or "The Life of a Miner" or maybe celebrate a "Christmas on Bell Island".

WW11 Comes to Bell Island

The play titled "WW11 Comes to Bell Island" is offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00pm at the old World War 11 gunsite. This plays mixes the history with the tales of the war on the island.

The Ghosts of Bell Island

The Haunted Tour: "The Ghosts of Bell Island" This tour is offered in the summer from July until mid-August. It is a walking tour that re-enacts Bell Island's folklore. Bell Island has been claimed by many psychics to be the most haunted island in all of North America. The ghosts and demons you will meet on this walking tour will re-enforce that belief in you. So join the tour that is offered is offered at the old mines opening (collar) every Saturday and Sunday.

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