Bellfest on the Beach

Bellfest on the Beach is tourism’s way of celebrating the summer. It is normally held in late July or early August. The BellFest  festival began five years ago and for the past two years it has been held on the beach close to the Ferry Terminal and Dicks’ Lounge and Restaurant. The name was then changed to “BELLFEST ON THE BEACH’. The event is a four way partnership between Tourism Bell Island, Radio Bell Island, Dicks’ Restaurant and Lounge and the Town of Wabana.


It is day of fun for people of all ages, from the very young to the most senior adults in the community. There are plans to expand Bellfest on the Beach to a two or three day event for 2015.


It is advertised as a walk off the boat type festival, where as soon as you walk off the Bell Island side you are at the festival grounds. You will be met by pirates under the leadership of Captain Kelly one of the most notorious of pirates to have ever roamed the Seven Seas. You may also be forced to walk the plank or watch those who have committed unspeakable crimes and will be forced to walk the plank. So you may have to part with some of your loot to save them from the briny deep.


Besides these unfortunates, there are games of chance for children, bouncy castles, reptile show and tell, piñatas, treasure hunts, hot dogs, cotton candy, hamburgers, a dunk tank and oh how the list goes on.


For the adults, there is music performed by local artists all day from 2:00-8:00pm. Music to suit every taste, a beer tent, games of chance including crown and anchor, bingo, ring toss and so many more games. While on the beach enjoy Dicks famous fish and chips. There is “Walk the Plank” are we will be looking for scoundrels very early and their crimes will be spoken out loud to the crowd.


For BellFest 2015, local residents will have a bus to take you to the beach. No need to stay home that is for sure.


Besides meeting Captain Kelly on that day, you will also get to meet Captain Kelly’s Mistress, Lady Jane and see the grand gentlemen himself the first resident of Bell Island, Mr. Gregory Normore and his wife. Get your pictures taken with these famous characters and get them back the same day.