Walking Trail

The Gregory Normore Walking Trail is now over 90% completed. It is 21km in length. Developed in 2013, the trail is named after Gregory Normore, the first settler on Bell Island.


The trail itself is a photographer’s paradise with its panoramic view of Conception Bay, high cliffs and abundant host of birds that inhabit the island. The trail will take you to the Lighthouse and the Keeper’s Cafe, the Grebe’s Nest, Pulpit Head, Ochre Cove, #2Cove, Historic Lance Cove Beach and The Seaman’s Memorial, Scotia and Dominion Pier. It will skirt past #2 Mines Collar, the home of the Haunted Tours. It will also take you down to the WW11 guns that overlook the Tickle.


The trail itself is a brand new addition to Tourism’s infrastructure and is listed as a coastal trail, there are some marshy areas to navigate and rough spots to walk over, so proper walking shoes or boots are a must. A walking stick is recommended for everyone. Remember to bring along lots of water and some energy food to keep that energy level up.


The trail itself is yet to be mapped or marked out. So you may need a guide to help you out as you take the hike. Signage will be in place for 2015.


For other folks who prefer the shorter versions of walking, we have three shorter tours. Each tour is about 5km in length and we have guides to give you the historical information on each tour.