Tourism Bell Island
January 22 at 10:04am · 

There has been such a large amount of interest in the post we have put out over our celebrations coming up for this year. There has also been some great questions.

Accommodations have been asked about. Our tourism office at 709 488-2411 can direct you to the places on Bell Island that have rooms or cabins for rent. Gail will be sure to help.

We are aware of the problem that has been created. Tourism Bell Island in co-operation with our many partners has more than begun to create a very vibrant tourism industry on Bell Island. Trying to put all the infrastructure in place is demanding. that is no idle boast, but a fact.

We are constantly encouraging businesses and entrepreneurs to come on board and join the team.

For this coming year we have a committee in place to help with accommodation problems. We have formed a hostel committee to help us find lodgings for our many tourists. We will be providing contacts to our committee in the next short while. So please bear with us and thanks to everyone who has shown an interest. We know you will have a fabulous time on the island.