Weather and Climate

When it comes to the weather in Newfoundland and Labrador, you will never be stuck for conversation. Everyone on Bell Island loves to talk about the weather. Ranging from mildly surprising to downright unpredictable, it can be as spontaneous as the people you will meet on the island. But with a little planning it can be quite enjoyable.


However one thing you will notice right away is the clean fresh salty air that sorts of makes you feel alive. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on all sides, the fresh air is sure to invigorate all your senses and with majestic cliffs surrounding the island, the view is certainly majestic.


Thanks to the temperate marine climate, you vary rarely have to contend with extreme temperatures either. Bell Island for the most part enjoys some of the mildest winters in Canada, and overall cool-to-warm summers.


Here is an approximate break down of what you may experience over the four seasons:

SPRING on Bell Island (April-May): Though it can arrive a little late, it does have its advantages. Spring can come with an abundance of whales of all varieties and icebergs that will dot the bay. Dress in layers if you come in spring, bring along a good camera and binoculars. The whales and the icebergs can be breathtaking. Sometimes though be prepared for the quick change of that Newfoundland weather.


Summer (June-August) :  Summer on Bell Island is perfect for just about anything you want to do. Hiking on the twenty one mile “Gregory Normore Coastal Trail” will test your walking and hiking skills. Your first stop after an hour or so will take you right past the Keeper’s Cafe and Interpretation Center where you can enjoy a beverage and a meal or maybe a picnic. Take a boat tour on Rick Stanley’s Ocean Quest Boat tours and see the island from all sides. Enjoy the walking tours and plays that are featured in the summer months or just sit on Harry’s Lookout and listen to the music being played by the local people.


Fall (September-October) :  Fall is only a crisper version of summer. Fall is hiking season and berry picking season. Great time for a campfire or to drop down to the Keeper’s Cafe to share a cheese and fruit platter over a glass of wine with the missus, or her substitute, while listening to local talent play some nice evening music. If you are out on the deck or walking, evenings can be crisp and chilly so layers are a good idea.


Winter (November-December) : Winter is a good time to unwind at one of our romantic B&B’s on the island. Experience local dining at one of the restaurants on the island. The Keeper’s Cafe will offer you fresh sandwiches, the best seafood chowder this side of Montreal and coffee. You can listen to the hypnotic pounding of the waves against the steep rugged cliffs. If the snow is in place, be adventurous and go snowshoeing and maybe an outdoor campfire and cuddle up with someone special.


SEASONAL TEMPERATURE BREAKDOWN: Bell Island is located on the Avalon Peninsula


Regions Spring Summer Fall Winter
  high low high low high low high low
Avalon 8 0 19 9 13 6 1 -6
Eastern 8 0 18 9 14 6 1 -6
Central 8 0 17 9 13 5 1 -6
Western 6 -1 19 9 12 5 -1 -8
Labrador 5 -5 17 6 8 1 -8 -18