ABE Program

It is an educational program that allows adults who are 18 years and older and who have been out of high school for at least one year to finish their high school education.

The program is fully functional, well equipped and age friendly. Students learn on an individual basis and the instructors are highly skilled, motivated and act more as facilitators in a non- threatening and user friendly environment for the students, who vary in ages from eighteen years old up to fifty years old at the present time.

All levels of secondary and post secondary courses are offered from Basic Literacy to high school equivalent courses. Due to our partnership with the local high school, we are now able to offer courses in Chemistry that assists students in the academic area of our Level 111 program.

Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, so as not to be overwhelmed as they return to a structured learning environment.

The school year is equivalent to the normal school year for children and post secondary programs in the province.

For students who attend the program and who are dependent on the social net for their livelihood ie: Employment Insurance or Social Assistance, you are reminded that there may be monetary assistance for those who qualify.

The ABE program itself is totally free, but for those who qualify there may be monetary assistance for babysitting and travel to and from school. You will need to ask your councillor for information in this area.

You can register for the program by calling (709) 488-2411 or by calling 687-6216. The program itself is a continuous intake program. This means that you can register for the program at anytime during the school year. Remember “DOORS OPEN” when you have the education to be able to knock on the door.