Harry's Lookout

The lookout is located about one third up the Beach Hill on your left. It provides a spectacular view of The Tickle as the ferries come and go all day. It is a photographer and sightseers delight. The lookout is handicap accessible.


The lookout is dedicated to Bell Island’s own Harry Hibbs. Arguably Harry Hibbs, in the 1960’s and early Seventies, Harry Hibbs, put Newfoundland music on the national map. He produced over 26 albums and sold over eight million records. Those sales would have been impressive by today’s standards, but in a short career that spanned only ten years in the sixties, it was downright miraculous.  With his laid back personality, his salt and pepper hat, his pipe and his button accordion, he became Bell Island’s and Newfoundland’s ambassador across our great nation. He entertained people from coast to coast. Sadly Harry Hibbs passed away on December 21st, 1989 as he was set to make a comeback. He was only forty seven years old.


Harry’s Lookout is for Tourism Bell Island a place where anyone can take the stage as Harry did so long ago. It is a living monument to one of Newfoundland’s greatest musical talents and Bell Island’s greatest musical talent. From time to time, during the summer, local entertainment performs at the Lookout. At all times Harry’s Lookout is free to play your music or tell your stories or just come and enjoy the view from the Beach Hill and remember the Bell Island Boy, Harry Hibbs.