Theatre Of The Mine

The “Haunted Walking Tour, The Ghosts of Bell Island” is a walking tour that showcases the folklore of Bell Island. During the haunted tour, you will meet ghosts, angry spirits and the hideous Ghost of Dobbin’s Garden, the vengeful and beautiful White Woman and the seductive Queen of the Fairies.


The play is held Friday and Saturday evening; half an hour before sunset. The play begins at the old #4 Mines Shaft, better known as #4Mines Collar. There is a maximum of 15 people per tour and no children under 15 years old are permitted.


Come join us on the tour and learn all about the folklore of Bell Island. Learn how these creatures came to be who they are and what they are.


Learn this also. Learn how to protect yourself from the creatures that roam Bell Island. Learn and understand why Bell Island has been called the most haunted island in all of North America and then take the tour if you dare!!!!!