Lightkeeper's Cafe

The Keeper’s Cafe and Interpretation Centre is a project undertaken by Tourism Bell Island in partnership with government agencies at all levels; municipal, provincial and federal. Private business lent a large hand in this project through corporate donations. Volunteers took the lead role.


The Cafe itself was once the residence of the local lighthouse keepers over the years. The building was closed almost fifteen years ago when the position was declared redundant. Since then the building began to fall into decay. However, the lighthouse itself was still being used. Tourism Bell Island felt that the residence could fill two purposes.


 Because of the spectacular view and location, that so many people came for, the tourism committee believed that a cafe would help sustain tourism while at the same time providing a great place to keep part of itshistory intact.



Secondly, the renovated house could serve as an Interpretation Centre, attracting even more visitors to the site while at the same time providing a venue for stories, song and history.

In March of this year 2014, the project to revitalize and restore the residence began. On July 23rd,2014 the residence opened for business with a cafe, gift shop and interpretation centre. We are now open for business. So while on Bell Island, don’t forget to enjoy our picnic lunch in the two and a half gallon bucket and look at the Bucket List on top. No visit to Bell Island is complete without completing all there is to do on the bucket list.


The pictures included below will show what it was in March and what it is today. We welcome all visitors and our local residents to visit the Keeper’s Cafe and Interpretation Centre, enjoy the view, the food and the interpretive telling of our culture, history and folklore.