Friday, July 04, 2014

Bellfest On The Beach - August 2, 2014

We have 5 pirates who have come on board to participate in Walk The Plank.  The brave souls are David Brazil, Rodney Clarke, Max Harvey, John Hurley & Rick Stanley.  Make sure you get your pledges in to see which one will have to go into the briny deep.

Tourism Bell Island Website

We are currently in the development stages of a new Website.  Please disregard any old dates concerning last years Bellfest.  Bellfest On The Beach will be held on Saturday, August 2, 2014.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Academic Ambassador Award

Tourism Bell Island and Radio Bell Island would like to congratulate Mallory Seward of St. Michael's Regional High School recipient of the Academic Ambassador Award.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dial A Carol - December 15, 2013

Here is an announcement for all Bell Islanders and all of our listeners everywhere in the province, online and anywhere where our signal reaches you and wherever you may be. Radio Bell Island in partnership with Tourism Bell Island Inc. are proud to offer its first "Dial A Carol". 

Our "Dial A Carol" program will take place Sunday, December 15th from 10:00am -12:00pm. Here is how it works. 

If you want to hear your favorite Christmas Carol and support Tourism Bell Island and Radio Bell Island, here is what you do.

Pledge any amount of money you want with your request and we will put your Christmas song on the radio on our program with your dedication. Request a Christmas song for a relative, friend or for yourself. Send your request in early, so we can make sure we can get it on for you.

There are four ways to pledge.

1. You can use PAYPAL by going to Tourism Bell island Click on "DONATE     NOW" and go from there.

2. You can also use the tourism facebook page and we will take your request and send your pledge in the mail to this address:

Tourism Bell Island Inc.
PO Box 279
Wabana Complex
Bell Island, NL

3. You can call the Tourism Office at (709) 488-2411 or (709) 687-6216.

4. You can drop by the station right up to Dec.15th and we will take your pledge that day.

We will be playing all the Christmas favorites that you request and pledge. As well, we will have local performers there to sing your songs and give them that personal touch. All day on Dec.15th., nothing played but Christmas music that our listeners want to hear and dedicate to loved ones and themselves. Pledge early and get into the Christmas mood with Tourism Bell Island and Radio Bell Island. If you can't get home for Christmas, request a song and make it feel like you are there.

Our pledge is that every cent we raise goes to make our station better and to keep tourism projects moving forward. Together we are all building a bright and prosperous future for our community. Thank you for your support.

Walking Trail

These are a few pictures of the Walking Trail from the Beach Hill to the Lighthouse.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Walking Trails Update - Henry Crane

Just want to post an update on the walking trail we are now working on that is encompassing the whole of the island from the beach all around Lance Cove and back to the beach, a total of 24 miles. My wife and I walked the first leg Saturday past. However, when you walk from the beach to the Lighthouse be prepared for several things. It is a rough hiking-walking trail so wear good footwear. Be prepared for the spectacular views as you move along and make sure to take your camera. Stop and take in the old graveyard where Gregory Normore our first settler is buried. Be prepared for the WOW factor. I have walked a lot of trails on and off the island, but WOW!!! unbelievable, from natural tree type archways to magnificent views from the cliffs to running brooks. There are clearings to have picnics. You have to see it and walk it to believe it. We were able to do this project because of the co-operation of the provincial government lead by MHA David Brazil, our own recreation department and of course your Tourism Bell Island team. Great partnerships, get great results.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

BellFest On The Beach 2013

BellFest On The Beach was one of our big projects we undertook this year and hats off to Glenda Tedford for chairing this group of very enthusiastic volunteers. With her group and partnering with Dicks on the beach we had our most successful BellFest ever and it was appropriately named Bellfest On The Beach. It will remain a staple of Tourism Bell Island for many years to come.